Residential Openings

Thomas Allen is primarily a provider of services to individuals with developmental disabilities. However, services are also provided to individuals through the CADI, CAC and BI waivers as well as private pay.

Thomas Allen’s residential service sites include 28 Supported Living (SLS) homes for one to four individuals.

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Contact us about Openings:

  • Susan Pagnac, Senior Director of Home and Community Based Services
  • Mailing Address:
  • 1550 Humboldt Avenue
  • West St Paul, MN 55118
  • Telephone:
  • 651-450-1802 Corporate Office

Current Residential Home Openings

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Cedar Crest - Bloomington
  • Contact:
  • Michelle Springer - 612-306-2263
  • Description:
  • Cedar Crest is a rambler style home in a quiet location in Bloomington. The home is located on a quiet road. There is a major shopping area located close by, a gas station within walking distance, and many stores, parks, restaurants in the nearby area. There are currently three men living in the home. The individuals living at the home have profound to mild intellectual disabilities, some mood disorders and autism. The individuals living at this home like participating in activities that include the following: being outside, going to movies, going out to eat, enjoying drive thru meals, watching planes at the airport, going to the Mall of America, going for walks, playing sports, attending fairs, or playing video games. Ideally, the best person for the home would be someone who likes to interact with others, enjoys an active home and doesn’t mind it being loud in the home at times. Due to the vulnerabilities of the other individuals living at the home, someone with physical aggression would not be a good fit. Sometimes, it can be loud in the home as some individuals meet their sensory needs. An individual may hit things near him to hear the noise. There is no physical aggression at the home. Some of the individuals are not able to talk, and some do. The individuals attend a day placement (pending some re-openings). The house is staffed during the day and usually double-staffed in the evening. The overnight staff are awake. A RN is available if appropriate and funded.

     (Opening for male individual)
Oak Hills - St Louis Park
  • Contact:
  • Roxanne Tulloch - 612-458-0841
  • Description:
  • Waivered services are provided in an Adult Foster Care home for up to 4 individuals. Three women, ages 56-68 who function in the mild to severe range of intellectual disabilities, currently reside in this one-level accessible townhome. The home is situated on a corner lot with mature trees and a paved patio in a nice residential area very near several restaurants and shopping. There is a large park located just a few blocks to the south. Several long-term experienced staff work at Westwood; weekday evenings and the majority of waking hours on weekends are double staffed and overnights are single-staffed with only a sleepover person on duty. The open bedroom is spacious and has a walk-in shower across the hall from the open bedroom. There are two large living room areas on both the north and south sides of the home as well as a spacious kitchen. Thomas Allen, Inc. provides services to 4 additional individuals in a townhome directly on the south side of the property, creating the opportunity for routine socialization with peers, if desired. Individuals with high behaviors or medical needs requiring intensive skilled nursing support, or those requiring overnight awake supervision would not be appropriate for this home and, at this time, we could not support a male resident at this time within this location.

     (Opening for female individual)