Residential Openings

Thomas Allen is primarily a provider of services to individuals with developmental disabilities. However, services are also provided to individuals through the CADI, CAC and BI waivers as well as private pay.

Thomas Allen’s residential service sites include 26 Supported Living (SLS) homes for one to four individuals.

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Contact us about Openings:

  • Susan Pagnac, Senior Director of Home and Community Based Services
  • Mailing Address:
  • 1550 Humboldt Avenue
  • West St Paul, MN 55118
  • Telephone:
  • 651-450-1802 Corporate Office

Current Residential Home Openings

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Oak Hills - St Louis Park
  • Contact:
  • Roxanne Tulloch 
  • Description:
  • Waivered services are provided in an Adult Foster Care home for up to 4 individuals. Three women, ages 56-68 who function in the mild to severe range of intellectual disabilities, currently reside in this one level accessible townhome. The home is situated on a corner lot with mature trees and a paved patio in a nice residential area very near several restaurants and shopping. There is a large park located just a few blocks to the south. Several long-term experienced staff work at Westwood; weekday evenings and the majority of waking hours on weekends are double staffed and overnights are single staffed with only a sleepover person on duty. The open bedroom is spacious and has a walk-in shower across the hall from the open bedroom. There are two large living room areas on both the north and south sides of the home as well as a spacious kitchen. Thomas Allen, Inc. provides services to 4 additional individuals in a townhome directly on the south side of the property, creating the opportunity for routine socialization with peers, if desired. Individuals with high behaviors or medical needs requiring intensive skilled nursing support, or those requiring overnight awake supervision would not be appropriate for this home and, at this time, we could not support a male resident at this time within this location.

     (Openings for 1 female individual)
Appleview - Burnsville
  • Contact:
  • Michelle Springer 
  • Description:
  • Appleview home is located at the end of a cul-de-sac in a quiet residential neighborhood in Burnsville. It is a spacious rambler serving three men with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. There is a quiet and secure deck that faces a large back yard. Appleview is in close vicinity of many shopping/entertainment/restaraunt opportunities. The individuals at Appleview enjoy participating in Project Explore activities, going for walks and going to the YMCA. 2 of the individuals are non-verbal. The home is single staffed during the day and double staffed in the evenings and weekends, with awake night staffing. The home offers: · A lift van to accommodate client activities and appointments · Ramps leading into the house · An updated, accessible bathroom with roll-in shower · Nursing services for those in need

     (Opening for 1 male individual)
Southview - South St. Paul
  • Contact:
  • Phina Igbo 
  • Description:
  • Southview is a two story house with 3 bedrooms on the upper level and an apartment-style lower level. It is close to a lot of shopping areas, parks, restaurants and gas stations. Southview currently has 3 men between the ages of 27 and 67 with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. One of the individuals is Hmong speaking. He can understand most English but has a hard time speaking it. This individual enjoys going to the Hmong market with his staff and likes to go to the parks in East St. Paul to play a game called Tops. He also enjoys working, during the summer. The other individual at Southview likes to go on walks to the YMCA to sit in the hot tub. He enjoys spending most of his time outside during the summer and enjoys swinging on his swing set and likes to walk around the house outside. He also enjoys going to the beach, bowling and dances through Project Explorer. He likes hiking, sledding in the winter and enjoys going out to eat. The last individual has his own apartment in the basement of the house. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and doing events with his family. He enjoys grilling with the rest of the house during the summer and playing corn hole in the backyard with housemates and staff. He also enjoys bowling every now and then. The individuals do most of these activities on their own with staff, not with each other. The house is double-staffed during the day and in the evening, with an asleep overnight staff.

     (Openings for 1 male individual)